Mylar Gallery

Mylar is a semi-translucent polymer paper that beautifully accepts materials like oil paint, pastel, graphite and charcoal and allows me to create vaporous imagery and ephemeral forms. My work with mylar is rooted in my internal imagery, influenced by nature, and my response to the materials on the surface. I exploit the translucent quality of the mylar itself to allow light to pass through the painting, creating an internal glow and an evocative sense of depth.  

Painting Gallery

My painting process begins through a layering of materials by adhering paper to panels. The receptive and absorbent nature of paper allows me to incise and abrade the surface, building up imagery through repeated applications of acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite and oil pastels. Each layer is pushed and pulled until the desired imagery feels right and a sense of history is developed, landing in a place that exists between beauty and loss, decay and growth.


Visit my Instagram page for more of my work and what interests me as an artist. There you’ll find images of my studio, other art projects I’m working on, along with images from the natural world, where I take most of my influence from. Thanks for following me.