Creativity Coaching


I have been a working artist since 2004, when I graduated from a formal Fine Arts program. At that time what I was engaged with most in my work was critical thinking and looking at my work for its formal and conceptual aspects. While this served me well and is important to understand, it also left me with a huge gap in my understanding about what it takes to be an artist. I struggled – a lot, actually – and often felt completely overwhelmed by my internal dialogue, critical thoughts and judgements, feeling deeply locked in my own fear of failure. Stalled, blocked and resistant to making my art.

This patterning prevented me from taking risks in my art and also made the process of creating new work almost unbearable at times. I began questioning why I was making my art. What was my purpose? Maybe I’m just not good enough or even have any talent as an artist? How can I communicate what I feel inside? Does it really have to be this hard?

Gratefully, as life does, I was pointed in a direction. It was through an intensive 7 month Mentoring program with artist Nicholas Wilton, that I came to realize the necessity of cultivating a healthy and sustainable artist mindset. I began to look at the ways I was derailing my own process and undermining my efforts. I listened to myself, dug deeply into my inner world and asked key questions that opened myself up to the truth about the creative process – my creative process.

Alongside my art making, I now also work as a Creativity Coach helping artists to discover how they can deepen their connection to themselves and trust the process of art-making. Through my work with my individual clients, and by joining a team of coaches that assisted Nicholas Wilton in his Art2life Creative Visionary Programs, I have come to truly understand how to best support artists with their art-making. While we are all uniquely who we are, there are many common challenges that artists face when we engage with creating our most authentic work. Creativity Coaching can be the key to accessing what might be holding you back from making your very best work.

I’m so grateful and privileged to do this work and I invite you to have a look at my coaching website – Insight Creative – to see if Creativity Coaching might be right for you. If you’re interested in receiving more information on Creativity Coaching, please click the SIGN UP button below.

Thank you for taking a look and may your creative life fulfil you and support you in ways you had not imagined possible.