I find myself spending more and more time outside my comfort zone these days....and I’m noticing that it’s colouring my art-making with something new and unexpected.

With the launch of my online Group Coaching Program : The Artist’s Mindset – and all that involves – I have found myself doing things I never thought I would: giving a presentation to a local arts group on creative resilience and what Creativity Coaching is about, for instance.

Public speaking has been one of those fear-generating ideas that I would relentlessly avoid. 

I’ve been showing up more on social media, giving interviews, letting go of my concern over giving up my privacy....and talking more about my history.

So, with all this newness and risky behaviour (for me!) I’ve noticed some risk showing up in my work too. Recently a bright yellow painting arrived. I don’t use yellow or make bright paintings, but apparently right now I do! 

This relationship we artists have to Risk is such an interesting one. 

In order for growth to occur we need to risk, allow for change, and let go of what we know – or expect from ourselves.

This doesn’t always come easily because we are hardwired to avoid the discomfort that change brings. We – in our humanness – naturally move towards comfort and pleasure. It just feels better.

Standing on the edge of not knowing takes courage.

Being comfortable with discomfort is an essential practice for artists, and trains us to stay present when we feel ourselves wanting to avoid uncomfortable feelings – allowing us to take bigger risks with our art.

What would you paint, create, build if you didn’t have any limitations?

What would be the riskiest thing you could bring into your art-making right now?